Yesterday, my back hurt. It hurt a lot. I’m attributing it to the workout and then to going to the grocery and carrying a basket instead of using a cart. I’m just so sick of being limited in what I can do. Disc issues are no joke.

Today the pain is at a level 1. I’ll try a mild intensity workout and moderate lower body strength training. If I experience pain, I’ll stop.

So, something new for me that I’m pretty excited about. When I first started working out in May 2012, I used to eat out a lot but then stopped and started living off of vegetables and chicken because that’s all I really knew how to make. Right now, I’m experimenting with actually cooking. Granted, I’m a little nervous about it all because it’s new and scary and I don’t want to spend a boat load of money and then burn everything. I’m starting with fairly simple recipes.

Last night, I made a chicken with sun dried tomatoes served with couscous (click for link). It was DELICIOUS! It was super easy. It took roughly 30 minutes because I didn’t quite know what I was doing. I added too much of the olive oil from the tomatoes and that got a little messy–I managed, but it was messy. I found the hardest part to be chopping the tomatoes because I didn’t want to touch them. They were so oily and that was kind of gross. However, it turned out fantastic. The boyfriend approved so I’ll definitely be making that again.

Tonight, I’m going to attempt turkey stuffed zucchini (for some reason I can’t get the link to work; http://www.skinnytaste.com/2009/01/turkey-stuffed-zucchini-4-pts.html) . I just need to go to the store when the boyfriend gets off work to pick up 80% of the ingredients.

The boy and I just moved in together at the beginning of July. He had NOTHING in terms of food when I moved in. I figure it’ll just take some time before we have a well stocked pantry and I won’t need to go to the store for things like bread crumbs or a spice. That’s assuming I continue to enjoy cooking. 🙂

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